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    • Aaron Walker

      Arma 3 Sync Information (Updated Video)   08/08/2017

      Arma 3 Sync Information : Arma 3 sync download : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 How to use arma 3 sync video below      Also when you enter the repository make sure you go to settings and change it from 1 to 10   Have any questions join our teamspeak classicarma3life.ts.io
    • Aaron Walker

      Teamspeak IP   08/14/2017

      The Teamspeak address is classicarma3life.ts.io


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  1. Rules/EMS suggestion

    Hey when you have the time could you fix EMS heli spawning? they dont spawn at all when you buy them
  2. Rules/EMS suggestion

    Her Aaron, can the EMS vehicle have nitro? like speed boost because cop vehicles are fast but also EMS vehicles should be fast to respond to dead people.
  3. Rules/EMS suggestion

    So this is a Role playing suggestion, when you get revived by a medic you are in medical custody automatically, police may not take him from you, also some cops when they get revived they just run off to get a car and go paroling, EMS have no chance to stop them to role play some stuff. ex: when a bank robbery happens, the criminals cannot get tazed or restrained after getting revived by the EMS. Also, Could we add so EMS Can impound vehicles, they can drag players around without handcuffs, this would make it easier if player's have a broken leg, or they dont follow directions, or other reasons.