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    • Aaron Walker

      Arma 3 Sync Information (Updated Video)   08/08/2017

      Arma 3 Sync Information : Arma 3 sync download : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 How to use arma 3 sync video below      Also when you enter the repository make sure you go to settings and change it from 1 to 10   Have any questions join our teamspeak classicarma3life.ts.io
    • Aaron Walker

      Teamspeak IP   08/14/2017

      The Teamspeak address is classicarma3life.ts.io
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Aaron Walker

Official Server rules



Classic Arma 3 Life Rules & Regulations

Chain of command

1. Support Team

2. Trial Staff

3. Moderator

4. Admin

5. Senior Admin

6. Head admin

7. Lead Admin

8. Community  Manager

9. Project Lead/Founder should be the last person you go to

Section 1: Participation Requirements

1. You must have a legal copy of arma 3 and a steam account in good standing.

2. You must be able to speak English

Section 2: Forum Regulations

This section refers to all non-staff users in our Forums.

1. Do not spam other users.

2. Do not share pornographic/inappropriate content.

3. Forums are in-character-only in RP related forum posts, all other areas in the forums this rule does not apply.

4. Do not advertise except your own in-game business via the business forums.

5. Support is only granted via the support forums, please go there for help.

Any violations of Section 2 will result in 1 Warning Point.

Section 3: Teamspeak Regulations

This section refers to all users in our Teamspeak.

1. Do not spam other users.

2. Do not share pornographic/inappropriate content.

3. Do not troll other members.

4. Do check your username matches your forum profile..

5. Do not message or poke users entitled "DND" (Do not disturb).

6. No racial/disrespectful comments/slurs towards others in Team-Speak

Any violations of Section 3 will result in 2 Warning Points.

Section 4: Game Server Regulations

This section refers to all users in our server, regardless of their faction.

1. All forms of glitching, hacking, and exploiting are prohibited and will result in a ban.

2. Meta-gaming - an “out of character” action where a player’s character makes use of out of game knowledge - is prohibited.

3. Combat-logging - Logging out or abusing game mechanics to avoid role play situations - is prohibited.

4. Random death-matching/ vehicular death-matching - the murder of individuals for no reason with or without a vehicle - is prohibited.

5. Trolling other players is not permitted.

6. No Crime is to be committed against on duty Emergency Medical Personnel.

7. You cannot return to the location where you died if the scenario is still ongoing, you forget everything from your previous life to the exception of family, friends, and colleagues.

8. We aim to foster an advanced role-play environment where each action is meticulously executed. You must, therefore, remain in character at all times and value the importance of your life. Do not act unrealistically; for each crime, there is always an underlying reason, the only exception to this is if you are chatting with a friend in a private place/vehicle and not in an active role play scenario.

9. While in active police custody, and are revived by Classic Arma 3 Life Fire & Rescue, you are to remain in their custody and follow their instructions.

10. Verbal initiation must occur by all parties before any (group-) role play scenario starts.

11. You cannot force a person to withdraw/wire money from their bank account.

12. If you setup a pattern of behavior that is abusive or disruptive to the server you will be removed from role-play for an amount of time deemed appropriate. (Up to management discretion).

13. Landing a helicopter Inside the fenced jail area is only allowed in the courtyard.

14. Misuse of the Job helicopter is punishable at the staff discretion with a maximum of 8 points per offense.

15. Ramming a car or running someone over isnt initiation. You have to use you're voice to initiate.

16. If you ram a car head on Front bumper to front bumper you can not initiate.

17. You cant rob someone that is wear a classic arma 3 life shirt if they are around the civ spawn or garage but you can rob them if they have stuff on there back and weapons.

Any violations of Section 4 will result in 4 Warning Points

Section 5: Civilian Regulations

This section refers to all civilians in our server.

1. No crime zones are approximately twenty (20) meters around all automated teller machines (ATM).

2. It is forbidden to violate federal and state legislation inside no crime zones and locations where players spawn.

3. In the event a role play situation is initiated outside a safe zone and moves into a safe zone, the safe zone becomes void for all parties involved in the situation until the situation is resolved. Rebel is a safezone. You can not KOS anyone at rebel

4. You cannot interrupt a traffic stop unless that traffic stop progresses into an arrest. A player is under arrest upon being placed in a police officer's vehicle and read their Miranda rights.

5. Side chat may be used for business advertising only, spamming is not permitted. DO NOT COMMUNICATE IN GLOBAL

6. Jailbreaks may only be performed when there are at least three (3) Police Officers present on the server. You cannot take over the jail. You are not allowed to engage in a jailbreak fifteen (15) minutes before a server restart.

7. Bank robbery may only be performed with at least five (5) Police officers present on the server, attempted negotiation must be done before any lethal action is taken, and all participants must be declared upon law enforcement arrival. You are not allowed to engage in a bank robbery fifteen (15) minutes before a server restart. If you are robbing the bank you can not have snipers or people outside the bank. Also if there is a bank robbery going on you cant join it and be apart of it, if you didn't start the robbery from the beginning

8. If the server restarts whilst you are arrested, you have to go back to the police department after the restart unless told otherwise by your arresting officer. (Being restrained or detained, does not count as arrested)

9. Individuals must hold a reason to use police gear, for instance: wearing police gear to gain access to the police station or jail.

10. A civilian may not hover over a player that is unlocking and locking their vehicle. You must role-play a reason that you are stealing the vehicle, with any type of weapon that could threaten the individual life. If the vehicle is unlocked and the individual is away from their vehicle you may steal it without role play.

11. Sound boards for speaking in game may only be used in role play purposes, example: If you are working on your car a soundboard can be used to have mechanic like sounds. If you are listening to music in a vehicle, adjust your sound to whisper. No soundboards with memes.

12. The only way you can escort a restrained player that was put in cuffs is if there are no officers around the player.

13. You can only uncuff someone restrained by police using lock-picks.

Any violations of Civilian Rules will result in 3 warning points each.

Section 6: Faction Regulations

This section refers to all law enforcement, justice, and rescue divisions in our server.

1. Handcuffing an unconscious person, is prohibited, unless needed for rescue operations.

Any violations of Section 6 will result in 3 Warning Points

Section 7: Staff Regulations

This section refers to all volunteer staff.

1. Abuse of power is strictly prohibited, anyone caught abusing their power for their gain or someone else’s will be removed from the staff team.

2. Staff members caught breaking any server rules will be given a staff disciplinary, they have 3 strikes, once the third has been reached then they will be removed from the staff team and will not be able to apply again for one month's time. Disciplinary can also be handed out for doing a bad job.

3. Staff members represent the community and any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with swiftly.

If any staff members are found to be breaking any staff rules please report it to the Community Manager.

Section 8: Gang Initiation

  1. If there is a group/gang of 3 or more individuals, you must be wearing the same outfit. If you are not wearing the same outfit it will be considered a case of RDM. It allows civilians and cops to differentiate between civilians and gang members involved in a role-play situation
  2. If you have a gang base, you cannot hold any hostile role-play within or at least 300m outside of your base. Violation of this rule, may lead to your base being removed. 

Violations of Section 8 may result in your gang being removed, and your base taken away.


The violation levels can be discovered below:

5 warning points - 48 hour banishment.

10 warning points - 7 day banishment.

15 warning points - 30 day banishment.

If throughout your time at Classic Arma 3 Life, a user reaches thirty (30) warning points, they are to be permanently banned. If a user has received a thirty (30) day banishment they are on probation upon return for a further thirty (30) days. During probation, violations will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If a user violates a regulation outlined in "Section 6" they will be eligible for a 30 days banishment.

No Ear Rape or sounds boards are allowed in team speak as of now due to the fact it was being abused. You can only use a sound board in game. Not anywhere else on TeamSpeak.

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